Snabblänkar 1/10 – 2006

1 Okt

God morgon. Nu är det oktober. Löven faller tillsammans med min Pagerank. Här följer senaste nytt…

If I Were Just Getting Started…
I tend to think that there are three basic ways to get started with your own online business… ” [College Startup]

PageRank Update!
Real beginners only thinks about PR and is obsessed about it. The ones that learn more learn that “it is of no importance”. The real masters knows what it is, how it works and uses it together with many other measurements and tools. ” [Jim Westergren]

Time Distribution for Effective Online Marketing
Since we’re in the optimization business, I figured it would be valuable to illustrate the ideal use of time for a website owner or a website team… ” [SEOmoz]


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