”All SEOs are Spammers”

3 Sep

All SEOs / SEMs are Spammers

4 svar to “”All SEOs are Spammers””

  1. db 3 september, 2006 den 03:56 #

    that’s quite a stretch.. spammers are bulk emailers 😛

  2. Redaktören 3 september, 2006 den 04:05 #

    In this case I belive the people at Blaugh suggest that SEOs use blogger as a tool to ”spam” the web with related content and links to the websites they are promoting.

    Search Engine Spam that is.

  3. Hans-Emil 4 september, 2006 den 10:00 #

    In a sense all too true…

  4. Redaktören 4 september, 2006 den 10:12 #

    very much so – littering of the web is a major problem. Hopefully search engines will come up with algorithms that make content spaming less attractive.

    But until then…


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