Snabblänkar 25/8 – 2006

25 Aug

Search Marketing Works for B2B, Too
Most people assume search marketing works only to reach consumers, but it’s actually quite effective for businesses wishing to connect with other businesses, as well. ” [Search Engine Watch]

What is link bait worth?…
In my experience, link baiting gives the highest ROI of any type of marketing method. Ignoring the value of the traffic you get out link bait (which usually converts much worse than organic search traffic), you get permanent links. ” [Link Building Blog]

Google search market share: up, side, down?
Upp, ned eller sidledes? Googles tillväxttakt (del av sökmarknaden) verkar lugna ned sig…

Where do I buy and sell web sites?
Aaron Pratt asked in a comment where do I buy and sell so here comes the answer. ” [Jim Westergren]


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